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Menu Ly Garden Takeaway Tallaght

Our Chinese takeaway menu In the question of restaurant type, Ly Garden is an Chinese cuisine restaurant. Ly Garden offers various signature dishes. If you are an Chinese, you should be aware of most of the foods names already. Among these dishes, south Chinese platters, balti dishes, tandoor dishes, traditional curries and biriyani dishes are admitted widely. As said before, Ly Garden is an Chinese restaurant type, all the foods offered here are Chinese. Let's take a brief look on the Chinese takeaway menu of this restaurant: Drinks, Combos, Kids Box, Starters, Soup, Curry Dishes, Duckling Dishes, Black Bean Dishes, Black Pepper Dishes, Salt and Chili Dishes, Satay Dishes, Chop Suey Dishes, Szechuan Dishes, Kunk Po Dishes, Mushroom Dishes These are the traditional foods of India. These categories have plenty of subcategories where you will see hundreds of variations in all type of Chinese foods.

About Ly Garden Takeaway Tallaght

Ly Garden was mainly built to offer the best Chinese dishes to the customers. Ly Garden is affluent with hundreds of Chinese food menus and recipes. It's been years they have been in this restaurant business and serving people.

Ly Garden is located just beside the Millbrook Lawn Road in Tallaght. It was certainly a great idea from the Ly Garden owner to come up with Chinese cuisine and menus. As the people of ST Dominics Shopping Centre, perhaps the people England are not used to taste the Chinese spicy dishes. Ly Garden actually opened up the opportunity to let English people try some spicy Chinese dishes and become great fan of these foods.

Restaurant location Ly Garden Takeaway Tallaght

Find us in Tallaght We are located in the heart of the ST Dominics Shopping Centre. We are located in such area, where anyone from Tallaght can can find and visit us easily. We are located just beside the Millbrook Lawn Road, so any passer by can visit and taste our delicious items anytime. Tallaght is the city of our love. We have chosen such area that maximum people from our beloved Tallaght city would be easily able to find us. If still face trouble finding us, then login to your Google Map and simply type Ly Garden and there you go. We have an online app as well. By using that app, you can place your order from home. We will delivery your order within hours. We receive cash on delivery, if you live in Tallaght. So getting your favorite Chinese dishes from us is now like water. So what are you still waiting for? Find us in Tallaght, visit us or simply place an order to taste the toothsome spicy Chinese dishes.

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